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Austin' Dairy

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Eliminate Redundancy in Academic Writing: Tips to Follow


It is highly important to use appropriate language to communicate your ideas properly and effectively. It has significant importance in academic writing too. A poorly and low-quality written paper or essay may negatively affect your grade and overall performance. Moreover, it is not even accepted by your instructors or supervisor. An inadequately written manuscript is not likely to be considered for peer review. Hence, it will not be further processed to be published in a journal. Just search for the best essay writing service to get your work done within a desirable time and you take guidance from the essay experts.


Good readability, on the other hand, extends beyond technically accurate English. While doing academic writing it is advised to choose your words and phrases carefully to present your idea concisely and effectively. This makes the information easy to read and understand. Moreover, you are able to communicate the intended arguments with maximum impact on the reader. All you have to do is approach a writing service and ask them “can you write my academic papers?”, and they will get back to you in time and provide you with an amazing paper.



Likewise, redundancy is one of the most common mistakes encountered by students in academic writing that affects the readability of the document. Redundancy refers to the unnecessary repetition of words, sentences, phrases, or ideas. in other words, it could be anything that can be excluded without the loss of its meaning or significance. The thing is you must remove redundancy from your writing in order to make your piece of writing more effective and easier to understand. It would save you from many hassles and you can get academic excellence to help you in this regard.


Avoiding or omitting redundancy is of great importance for an essay writer services to produce a high-quality paper. Here are few tips to remove or avoid redundancy in academic writing


Do not copy-paste already state information

This is a common blunder made by pupils. You should not copy and paste the entire sentence or paragraph into your essay or paper's various sections. It will draw attention to the error, and audiences often dislike this form of repetition. It may give the readers a negative impression. You can avoid making this mistake by rephrasing the information and associating new facts with it.


Avoid unnecessary repetition of information

Another common redundancy mistake made by writers is that they make repetition of the already stated information. It is highly significant to find the right balance between reiterating essential concepts and allowing readers to follow along.


Unnecessary repetition may distract your readers and make the stuff boring. Sometimes it can be challenging to write a paper and, in such cases, you can always hire an essay service to assist you in your task. It would save you from many hassles and you can get a perfect paper written by a professional essay writer.


Avoid redundancy at the sentence level

It is easy to identify repetition mistakes at a sentence level. For example, you must read out your sentences loudly to help you identify such mistakes. Whenever I need essay help, I keep in mind the following tips to avoid redundancy at the sentence level

  • Transition words are most commonly used in essays or papers to link different parts. Hence students use the same transition words that may result in redundancy.  using more than one kind of transition word in your sentences can help remove redundancy
  • Another mistake students encounter is the use of the same pronoun more than one time in a sentence. It makes sentences wordier and more insignificant. Hence it should be avoided
  • Make sure to avoid the words that sound similar within a sentence
  • Avoid stating the obvious e.g., the methodology chapter includes material and methods.
  • Avoid redundancies like “in the year 2013 instead of in 2013”
  • Make variations in the length of your sentences. This also helps to avoid redundancy


Avoid using adverbs unless very important

Adverbs aren't always necessary, according to an expert essay writer. Adverbs and intensifiers typically do more harm than good in writing, but reducing redundancy isn't the same as cutting off intensifiers entirely. However, their use is sometimes unavoidable and cannot be avoided.


Avoid redundancy while making a connection to the overall goal

There is a requirement in academic essays or papers that any information you include in your body paragraphs must be related to the thesis statement. Students or essay writers make the redundancy mistake of repeating the same facts while doing so. If the relationship between a specific piece of information and your overall goal is unclear, you should either make the connection more explicitly or remove the information from your work.


Avoid unnecessary phrases or words

Words or phrases can cause some of the most prevalent types of redundancy. It might happen when pupils make the error of stating the same points in two distinct ways while creating a statement. For example, both words "first and foremost" have the same meaning, therefore removing one would not affect the phrase. Another common blunder is overloading a phrase with unnecessary words in order to get to the point. For example, substituting the phrase "end result" for "result" would be enough to express the point.


However, repetition is not always bad. There are certain points where it gets important to state the same information or make could be one of the following

  • Sometimes it is required to present the already stated data in some other sections of the essay or paper. Or you need to draw the same conclusion from two different points of views
  • In conclusion, you must restate the thesis statement of your paper. In that instance, simply say it without paraphrasing to avoid any misunderstanding.
  • Repetition is vital because failing to repeat a fact or piece of information may cause your readers to lose or misunderstand important elements.
  • Use as few words as possible to describe yourself. this also helps in eliminating redundancy
  • You can also use abbreviations in order to eliminate redundancy


Removing redundancy from a written document is however very important to make your document clear, concise, and easy to understand. Moreover, you can ask for help from the 5StarEssays to review and revise your document thoroughly.



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